Visa Categories

Training Visa -Technical Intern Training Program
  • Technology Transfer, Skills Development, qualifying For Long Term Employment in Japan, Economic Gain.
  • Promote harmonious development with the international community.
  • All Training Categories including Constructions, Agriculture etc.
  • We would like to offer Good Quality Intern Trainees for OJT in Japanese Companies with High Communication Ability in Japanese language through our visa consulting.
  • The purpose is to cooperate in "human resource development" in order to develop our own country‚Äôs economy, technology and skills.
Student Visa
  • For students who dream about study in Japanese Language Schools, Technical Colleges and Japanese Universities.
  • SAJS is working with Several Japanese Language Schools throughout Japan to send those students to Japanese Schools.
  • We have schools in Tokyo, Aomori, Kobe, Chiba, Fukuoka, Hyogo & other prefectures of Japan.
Specific Skilled Visa
  • Sri Lanka is one of the approved countries for this type of visa and our school is willing to help students to apply for this visa under several conditions.
  • There will be a big opportunity for youth of Sri Lanka to obtain job opportunities in Japan & SAJS is conducting training programs in Sri Lanka for this visa.
Caregiver Visa
  • SAJS conducts high standard training programs to assure high standard nursing care trainees from Sri Lanka under the Technical Intern Trainee Program.
  • Lessons and practical training programs are scheduled for students who are willing to apply for caregiver Jobs in Japan