Visa Categories

Training Visa -Technical Intern Training Program
  • Technology Transfer, Skills Development, qualifying For Long Term Employment in Japan, Economic Gain.
  • Promote harmonious development with the international community.
  • All Training Categories including Constructions, Agriculture etc.
  • We would like to offer Good Quality Intern Trainees for OJT in Japanese Companies with High Communication Ability in Japanese language through our visa consulting.
  • The purpose is to cooperate in "human resource development" in order to develop our own country‚Äôs economy, technology and skills.
Student Visa
  • For students who dream about study in Japanese Language Schools, Technical Colleges and Japanese Universities.
  • SAJS is working with Several Japanese Language Schools throughout Japan to send those students to Japanese Schools.
  • We have schools in Tokyo, Aomori, Kobe, Chiba, Fukuoka, Hyogo & other prefectures of Japan.
Specific Skilled Visa
  • Sri Lanka is one of the approved countries for this type of visa and our school is willing to help students to apply for this visa under several conditions.
  • There will be a big opportunity for youth of Sri Lanka to obtain job opportunities in Japan & SAJS is conducting training programs in Sri Lanka for this visa.
  • Especially, Food Service, Caregiver and Agriculture categories will be given priority when accepting workers under SSW, since Sri Lanka is currently conducting Skill tests only for above categories. (photo must contain restaurant, caregiver and agri combined photo)
Caregiver Visa
  • SAJS conducts high standard training programs to assure high standard nursing care trainees from Sri Lanka under the Technical Intern Trainee Program.
  • Lessons and practical training programs are scheduled for students who are willing to apply for caregiver Jobs in Japan