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About South Asia Japanese Language School

We are a Japanese company named SIBIC Japan Co Ltd, head office located in Osaka. With the gradual success we achieved in the business field, we established a branch in 2018 April as JP crown investment holdings in Sri Lanka.

Today we expand our business into seven categories. such as project consultation, visa consultation for japan, Japanese language training, vocational trainings, import and export, travel and tourism and investment promotions.

As our educational institute, we stablished SAJS in 2019 with the aim of cultivating international talents. In addition to teaching Japanese and Japanese knowledge, we also take the responsibility of exporting talents to the world. We deeply believe that it is a very happy thing to be able to work while standing by the students who are worried about their future. It’s better to see it, and sincerely look forward to the day when every student meets in Japan.


SNS などの発達により人々の交流は ますます盛んになってきました。いつでもどこでも 遠くにいる外国人と 交流することができます。

しかし ことばは 私たち自身が頭の中に IN PUT するより方法がありません。

だから 語学を学ぶことは 私たち人類がすることの最高の贅沢ではないでしょうか。 語学を習得すれば、その国の人との交流も盛んに行えます。皆さんの世界がもっと広がって いくこととお思います。

この度、スリランカに 各方面の方々のご協力で 日本語学校を設立することができまし た。 SAJS で多くのことを 学び、体験して 皆さんが国際人として、世界に羽ばたける ことを心より応援したいと願っております。


2021 年 4 月吉日


Greetings from the Director

With the development of SNS etc., people's interactions have become more and more active. Anytime, anywhere You can interact with foreigners who are far away. But there is no better way to input words to our head other than learning a new language. So, learning a language is probably the greatest luxury we humans can do.

Once you learn a language, you can actively interact with people from that country. I think your world will expand even more.

This time, we were able to establish a Japanese language school in Sri Lanka with the cooperation of people from all over the world. Learn and experience lot of things at SAJS, and you can fly to the world as an international person

I sincerely hope to support you. Let's enjoy Japanese together.

April, 2021

Hinako Kato